1. How do I join Team HASC?

You can sign up at www.teamhasc.org and register by clicking on “Register Now”.  Once you register you will get a follow up e-mail with log in information with steps on how to set up your personal page. Please contact us if you have any questions at teamhasc@camphasc.org – no question is too small.

2. How much do I have to raise?

Each runner is agreeing to raise a minimum of $3,600.00. Of course more than that would be great too!

3. What if I don’t raise my commitment amount?

On the rare occasion that you do not raise the minimum commitment, the outstanding balance will be billed to the credit card that was provided upon registration. If you see that you will have an issue, contact us at teamhasc@camphasc.org and we will provide you with the tools to help you along the way.

4. What if I realize I am unable to keep my commitment and join TEAM HASC?

Two months prior to the race, on December 26th, TEAM HASC will ask you to sign a fundraising recommitment letter. You will have the option to drop out of Team HASC until that time, but your registration fee will not be returned.

5. What If I sign up with less than two months until race time?

We are very excited to have you. At this point you have fully committed to join TEAM HASC – there will be NO recommitment at that point.

6. Can I make my fundraising goal more than the minimum commitment?

Yes and you are encouraged to do so. However, if you do not reach your goal, but you raise your minimum requirement, your credit card will NOT be billed. The sky is the limit, go for it!

7. I ran in the TEAM HASC Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Pasadena or Jerusalem Marathon, are there any incentives for previous runners?

Yes! We are so excited to have you back – if you recruit 3 new runners – your fundraising goal will be dropped to $0.00. As always, we encourage you to try and fund-raise as much as possible! PLEASE NOTE these runners that you recruit must note when prompted as they register that you recruited them. In addition, they must be FIRST TIME Team HASC runners and cannot be part of any other Camper/Counselor, family, or student team. If they join a team after they sign up they will no longer be counted as your recruit.

8. How do I get donations? Can potential donors send a check?

After you register, you will be able to set up your personal fundraising page. We encourage you to personalize the page by adding your own pictures, stories, and videos. Your friends and family can donate by credit card by clicking the “DONATE” button on your page.

Checks: A donor can mail a check to:


1563 49th st

Brooklyn NY 11219

PLEASE NOTE- The check should be made out to CAMP HASC and VERY IMPORTANT to have your name -(the runner) written in the Memo line, and “Ft. Lauderdale”, so you get credited properly.. Once the office receives the check – your page will be updated with your donation. Credit Card donations will be updated immediately on your personal page.

9. I've never run in a half marathon before and tend to find myself short of breath walking from the refrigerator to the couch. Will I be able to do this?

The course is designed for runners of all levels. You can run, walk, and even crawl your way to the finish line. Start training now and we know you will be able to do it!

10. OK so how do I start training?

Well you are in luck! We are fortunate to have Coach Michal as our guide and trainer. She will be sending out frequent emails that will set training goals for you throughout the weeks leading up to the marathon. In addition, Coach Michal will be responding to a blog where you can submit questions and see what questions have been asked by others. Aside from Coach Michal, we will also have a Physical Therapist who will be able to give training tips to those in need.

11. How do I register as a Team?

Once you sign up you will be asked if you are a single runner or if you are joining a team or creating a team. You can always switch to a team later on in the race – if you recruit a family member/camper/college or yeshiva friends.

12. Can you give me more info on who is eligible to join a Team?

Immediate family members

$3,200.00 for each family member – there IS pooling of funds.

High School Teams

High school students get a discounted rate of $2,900.00. For teams you can pool your fundraising. For teams of 10 you get team jerseys.

Camper Counselor Team

Camper Counselor 1:1 ratio

$3,200.00 per runner. All members can pool off each other. If an additional counselor would like to join the team they will have to raise $3,600. This discount is only for one counselor and one camper.

13. Can I bring my camper with me?

YES! But before registering a camper, you must request clearance from our medical team by emailing us at teamhasc@camphasc.org.  After clearance has been granted, you may contact your camper’s parents and request to bring them along on this amazing experience.

14. Can I switch my registration status from an individual to a team once I register?

Yes – email us at teamhasc@camphasc.org

15. I've heard so much about how incredible the Team HASC weekends were. Can you tell me more about the details pertaining to the Fort Lauderdale weekend?

Flights to Ft. Lauderdale and a 3 night stay in a beautiful Florida Hotel will be included. You will be spending an inspirational and amazing Shabbos with Team HASC including delicious catered meals, a pre-race pasta party, early morning energy (electrolyte) filled breakfast and a post-race celebration BBQ. And of course, Team HASC Gear!

16. I never went to Camp HASC. Will I feel out of place over the weekend?

Absolutely not – on the contrary this weekend will make you fall in love with the place we are trying so hard to support. Just ask some of our “new to HASC “ runners. Some runners who have never been to Camp HASC before have not been able to peel themselves away from being involved in camp since their run, and try to visit frequently.

17. I heard about the awesome contests at Team HASC - are there any contests this year?

Sure! There will be amazing trophies for

1) Highest personal fundraiser

2) Most recruits

3) Fastest time

18. I am unable to join TEAM HASC in Fort Lauderdale and I am running in another marathon this year and would like to raise money for HASC during my run – is that a possibility?

That’s amazing! Yes – you can join any Marathon worldwide. Please send us an email and we will guide you through the process. You will get a personal page that you can email and share with people, and where you will be able to describe your personal race etc… Our coach will be available to help you, and we will of course send you TEAM HASC GEAR to let the world know that you represent all the special children of HASC.

19. Can I set up a page to fundraise if I don’t want to run?

Yes, Please email us at teamhasc@camphasc.org for more information.

20. If I can't be on the group flight, what options do I have?

Send us an email right away at teamhasc@camphasc.org  and we will do our best to work together with your schedule. You will receive a voucher towards a flight that works best for you.